Phase 2 Info

As you are aware, our school has been selected to participate in 2019-20 phase-in of the Responsive Teaching and Learning [RTL] Policy currently being implemented in eighty schools with K-6 students throughout the province. This policy introduces new resources to schools and supports teachers in responding to students’ learning and social emotional needs. One of the key differences is the introduction of the Tiered Approach to Learning which focuses on teachers working collaboratively to meet the needs of all students. It is designed to enhance early identification of student needs and to provide appropriate support for as long as required. Within this model, there are three tiers or levels of instruction - Universal, Targeted and Intensive. Classroom teachers in collaboration with instructional resource teachers, reading specialists, teacher librarians, teaching and learning assistants and others [student assistants, etc.] may work with students both within and outside the classroom. They work together to regularly assess and monitor student work in an endeavor to design learning experiences to meet student needs. One key change is that students do not require an identified exceptionality to receive additional support or additional challenge. The Responsive Teaching and Learning policy ensures there will be a team deciding who will support the student, what needs to be worked on, and the best learning environment. The duration of time students stay in a given tier will depend on their progress. This will have an impact on report cards, in that many students who would have gotten inserts for alternate programs will no longer receive these. Instead, students who require additional support within the tiered approach to learning will have that communicated on their regular report card. There will be no name attached to the supports on the report cards as these are considered ‘best practice’ in teaching and learning. Students receiving alternate courses or alternate curriculum will continue to receive an insert. Recognizing that families have a very important role in the learning process, we commit to keeping you informed throughout the year as we implement these changes. Teachers will continue to communicate with you regarding your child’s progress and any supports provided within Tiered Approach to Learning. Thank you for your continued interest in your child’s learning.

Please see the follow link for more information regarding Phase 2 Implementation